ALPS - Automated Liquid Packaging Solutions, LLC - Blow Fill Seal Technology

Welcome to Automatic Liquid Packaging Solutions.

Automatic Liquid Packaging Solutions (ALPS) is a supplier of Blow/Fill/Seal (BFS) / Form Fill Seal (FFS) sterile filling machines. ALPS brings over 30 years of expertise in design, manufacturing and marketing of BFS machines around the world..

The BFS process is recognized as an Advanced Aseptic Process by United States F.D.A. for sterile liquid packaging applications such as Parenterals, Ophthalmics, Respiratory care, Neutraceuticals and biologics in plastic containers.

ALPS manufactures New and Refurbished machines. We offer custom designed BFS machines and molds including production molds, prototype molds and spare parts for BFS machines. ALPS also offers R&D services for prototype mold development of vials and bottles, sizes range from 100 Microliters to 1.5 Liters.

ALPS uses Patented technology on NEW all electric servo deflashing machines resulting in “No Smashing” of vials/bottles during deflashing (removing access flash/scrap) around vials and bottles. ALPS has an innovative approach for tooling design to produce distinguished vial and bottle designs reducing plastic consumption up to 10-20% in the ‘Flash’ wastage area.

The Advanced Aseptic Blow/Fill/Seal process involves 3-Steps:

  • 1. Form or Blow mold a plastic container
  • 2. Aseptically Fill the container
  • 3. Seal the container in one continuous process

Currently Available: ALP model 640, 624, 303 and 301B Blow/Fill/Seal machines (refurbished with new tooling) customizable for customer specific applications.

Machine Capacity Examples: 1-3mL: 4,500 to 28,000 Vials/hr. 500mL: 1,000 to 5,000 Bottles/hr.

Below: BFS Machine with Insertion & Isolation Technology to produce Eye-Drop Bottles.

Below: Model 301B (Refurbished like new). Capacity Examples: 4500 3mL Vials/Hr or 2400 10mL Bottles/Hr

Below: Model 624 (Refurbished with new custom tooling). Capacity Examples: 9000 3mL Vials/Hr or 4800 10mL Bottles/Hr